Unraveling the Intriguing Mysteries of Manifest Season 2 Finale (2023)


As fans eagerly await the third season of Manifest, the jaw-dropping conclusion of Season 2, titled "Icing Conditions," has left viewers with more questions than answers. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the pivotal moments that unfolded, from the unexpected resurrection of Zeke Landon to the mysterious reappearance of Montego Air Flight 828's tail fin.

Zeke Landon's Astonishing Resurrection

In the realm of shocking twists, Zeke Landon's resurrection takes center stage. Facing his predetermined demise, Zeke defies expectations by returning to life in a dramatic fashion. The intricate web of connections between Zeke, the Flight 828 survivors, and the enigmatic "Callings" adds layers of complexity to the narrative. Showrunner Jeff Rake hints at the repercussions of Zeke's survival, suggesting that it will spark diverse theories among the characters.

"Icing Conditions" and the Frozen Lake Drama

The aptly named season finale, "Icing Conditions," lives up to its title as the characters find themselves on a frozen lake, entangled in a high-stakes hostage situation. Cal Stone, the young Flight 828 passenger, becomes a pawn in a dangerous game orchestrated by drug dealers. Lightning, an unexpected Calling-induced rescue, and Zeke's resurrection intensify the already gripping storyline. Moreover, the potential return of the criminal trio hints at escalating supernatural stakes in Season 3.

Unveiling the Major's Devious Intentions

Saanvi Bahl's pursuit of a solution to Zeke's fate leads her to a confrontation with the Major, an antagonistic government operative. The shocking turn of events sees Saanvi unintentionally taking a life, adding a moral dilemma to her character. The revelation that the Major sought to weaponize the passengers' condition introduces a sinister twist, setting the stage for a cat-and-mouse game with investigative consequences in the upcoming season.

The Resurfacing of Flight 828's Tail Fin

The symbolic heart of Manifest, Montego Air Flight 828, takes an unexpected turn as its tail fin resurfaces near Cuba. Ben Stone's Calling, depicting the plane's explosion over the ocean, collides with the fishermen's discovery. The paradox of a plane simultaneously exploding and being found raises profound questions about the passengers' true identity. Showrunner Jeff Rake leaves us pondering: Are they truly the passengers, and if not, who are they?


As Manifest Season 3 awaits confirmation, the unresolved mysteries from the Season 2 finale linger tantalizingly. From Zeke's miraculous return to the ominous implications of the Major's agenda and the enigma surrounding Flight 828, the intricate plotlines promise an exhilarating continuation. Fans are left eagerly anticipating answers to the perplexing questions that "Icing Conditions" has artfully woven into the fabric of Manifest's supernatural narrative.

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