How To Maintain Your Golden Ratio Face as You Age (2023)

People often discuss the varying standards of beauty, based on pictures of models shining on the front pages of magazines, on the catwalks, or on different advertisements. You might even find yourself inspired by some. However, preference and personal opinion are no longer enough to judge beauty. To see if a face is beautiful or not, you might have to re-learn some of the basic geometry lessons back from school times.

If you use social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, you may have seen a trend where individuals use golden ratios to determine if their looks are pretty or not. Some individuals even modify famous images to show their golden ratio face. In addition, several others have discovered golden ratio face female celebs and have shared their photos on their sites. So, what's the big deal about this concept?

This article is all about the golden ratio and how you can maintain your beautiful face.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is The Golden Ratio?
  2. Female Golden Ratio
  3. How Does Your Face Change with Age?
  4. Does Plastic Surgery Improve The Golden Ratio?
  5. Aesthetic Treatments for Aging Face
  6. Golden Ratio Test
  7. Celebrities with Golden Ratio
  8. Taking Care of Your Aging Face
  9. Conclusion

What Is The Golden Ratio?

The ancient Greeks knew almost 2,500 years ago that splitting a line into two halves in the ratio of 1: 1.618 provides a very appealing proportion. It is thought that artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Botticelli utilized it to design their paintings. It may also be found in nature, such as a shell's curl or a flower's heart.

This ratio has been termed the golden ratio, the golden section, the divine proportion, and, most recently, phi, after Phidias, a Greek artist and mathematician who is said to have employed it while constructing sculptures for the Parthenon in Athens.

To have perfect facial symmetry, your face should meet the parameters of a golden ratio face. This indicates that your face length should be around 1.5 times longer than your face breadth. To check this, measure the length and breadth of your face. If the ratio equals 1.6 or less after the measurement, your face has a golden face ratio.

The golden ratio also measures the three segments of the face. It measures the area between the eyes towards the bottom of the nose, to the forehead hairline to the space between the eyes, and also from the middle of the nose to where the chin ends. If the numbers are equal when the measurement ends, the person is considered to be more beautiful. In early days, it was considered that the beauty in a person’s face is linked to the symmetry of their face.

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Female Golden Ratio

The essential idea behind the golden ratio face is that it has a ratio of 1.618, which means that the length of the face has a numerical relationship to the breadth, and the ratio must be met to attain the desired effect. Even if the value(ratio) of the face golden ratio analysis is the same in boys and girls, the facial morphology differs in both genders. Females have a short (39.3 percent) and typical (41 percent) face morphology, while men have a long facial morphology.

How Does Your Face Change with Age?

A gracefully aging face is lovely, but certain changes occur with age that you would want to slow down. Age has an impact on every part of the body. Along with the knowledge, experience, and successes that come with age, there are changes in physical appearance too. Changes in your faces are most noticeable.

When you are young, the fat in your face is equally distributed, with pockets here and there that fill up the forehead, temples, cheeks, and regions around the eyes and lips. With age, that fat loses volume, clumps together, and shifts down, causing once round features to drop and skin that was smooth and tight to become loose and saggy. Meanwhile, other regions of the face accumulate fat, notably the bottom half, resulting in a baggy chin and jowly neck. And then there are the wrinkles.

Expression lines, or animation lines, are deep on the forehead and between the brows. They are caused by facial muscles constantly pulling on the skin, ultimately creasing it. Because of how fat diminishes and moves, other folds may get deeper. Sun damage, smoking, and natural deterioration of skin components that maintain it firm and supple cause finer wrinkles. This means that aging can alter your golden ratio proportions that were previously perfect when you were younger.

Does Plastic Surgery Improve The Golden Ratio?

It's simple to understand how putting the key features of your face into ideal balance might increase your perceived beauty and general face symmetry. If you are contemplating a treatment like a rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon would undoubtedly analyze the ratios of your facial features. As your nose is the central point of your face, its size and shape may considerably influence the overall look of the face. Plastic surgery may be used to improve the width, length, or general shape of your nose, making the whole face look more balanced and appealing.

Face implants may also be utilized to improve facial symmetry. It is fairly typical for a plastic surgeon to prescribe a chin implant as part of your rhinoplasty treatment, particularly if you have a "weak" or recessed chin. When combined with achinimplant, rhinoplasty surgery may radically alter a person's face and profile.

FaceliftSurgery also considers the Golden Ratio since the objective is to restore a more rejuvenated and young equilibrium to the face as a whole. In addition, when injecting dermal fillers, cosmetic injectors have begun to consider the Golden, or "Phi" Ratio, as they may use fillers to softly raise the tip of the nose, restore volume to the cheekbones, and build up the chin to obtain more balanced features on their patients.

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Aesthetic Treatments for Aging Face

Your skin ages along with you. Time cannot be stopped, but there are things you can do to mitigate its impact on your skin. Following are a few aesthetic treatments for your beautiful face.


Dermabrasion is a method that removes the outer layer of skin from small areas of the face in order to alleviate wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage. It is replaced with smoother, fresher skin. For a few weeks after the treatment, the new skin may look red or pink, and there may be some scabbing or swelling. It may take a few weeks or months to feel the full results. As a result, you may be required to take time off from work or other obligations. Although you may only have one treatment, persons with severe scars or substantial symptoms of aging skin may require more than one dermabrasion.

Botulinum Toxin Therapy

Botulinum toxin injections, often known as Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin, may reduce glabellar lines (wrinkles between the brows) and crow's feet at the corners of your eyes. This therapy works by preventing muscular tightness in certain locations. This cosmetic operation normally requires no recovery time, although the results might take up to a week to appear. The effects usually last 3-4 months.

Botox Cosmetic is a non-surgical, in-office procedure. It takes very little preparation. Before your procedure, inform your treatment provider of any medical histories, allergies, and medical concerns. A licensed doctor, a physician, or a nurse should be your caregiver. Before the process, you may need to wash any makeup and the treatment area. To lessen the chance of blemishes, you should avoid blood-thinning medications.

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Chemical Peels

During achemical peel, your doctor will utilize acid to remove the top layer of the skin. It lightens your skin tone and reduces age spots and wrinkles. After the peel, your skin will require recovery time and will be red for a week or two. Depending on the kind of peel, you may need more than one treatment to attain the desired results.

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are chemicals injected into your skin by a specialist to fill up wrinkles and creases. Popular fillers include collagen, hyaluronic acid gel, and fat. Fillers may be used on your lips, face, and hands. In most circumstances, there is no downtime required following a refill, and you will see the effects immediately. Fillers may last anywhere from 2 months to 3 years, depending on the kind. For example, collagen is one of the shortest-lasting fillers, whereas fat injections last 1 to 3 years.

Retinoid Creams

Retinoids operate by inducing fast cell turnover and removal of dead skin, allowing for new cell development. As a result, they inhibit collagen breakdown and thicken the deeper layer of skin, where wrinkles form. They also stimulate the formation of new blood vessels in the skin, enhancing skin pigmentation. Other advantages include the removal of age spots and the smoothing of tough regions of skin.

However, it can take three to six months of consistent usage before wrinkles improve, and the optimum benefits take six to twelve months. Because retinoids may cause skin dryness and irritation, physicians frequently advise starting with everyday treatments and eventually increasing to nightly applications. In addition, wear sunscreen throughout the day since retinoids make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Finally, to retain their advantages, these medications must be taken on a regular basis.

Golden Ratio Test

Measure three segments of the face: from the hairline on the forehead to a point between the eyes, between the eyes to the bottom of the nose, and the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. The Golden Ratio test finds that if the numbers are equal or near equal, which determines your attractiveness.

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Celebrities with Golden Ratio

Bella Hadid is famous for having a gorgeous golden ratio face. Her face has a golden ratio of 94.35 percent. However, she isn’t the only celebrity with golden face ratio traits. Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, has a diamond-shaped face. Her cheekbones are the most prominent part of her face. Her forehead and chin are narrow compared to her cheekbones, which are the most prominent feature of your face. Angelina Jolie fits perfectly to a gold standard.

Taking Care of Your Aging Face

Even if you have excellent genes and seem considerably younger than your actual age, age-related changes in your physical appearance are inescapable. These changes represent life's pleasures and tribulations. One strategy is to just enjoy the aging process.

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Not everyone is happy with this, and some may choose to delay accepting these changes. One technique to attempt to slow the aging process is an age-defying facelift, which surgically eliminates extra tissue and raises drooping skin in the bottom region of the face. Facelifts have improved, and the results now seem more natural. However, the operation is costly, and more surgeries may be required to attain the desired results. Facelift surgery is only one of many popular cosmetic procedures; there are other options for rejuvenating the aged face.

Although most of these rejuvenating procedures are non-surgical, they are not cheap, particularly when repeated treatments are required. These non-surgical procedures include the following.

Sun Protection

The most effective approach to keeping your face young is protecting it from the sun. Much of the damage is caused by the UVA portion of the light spectrum, therefore, use sunscreen that protects against it and UVB radiation, which causes sunburn. Wearing a hat with a brim is also a smart idea.

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Creams and Moisturizers

Moisturizers moisturize dry skin and may temporarily reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Face moisturizers include water to make them less oily, and several contain chemicals, such as glycerin, that may help bind water to the skin. Exfoliant creams may improve the appearance of aged skin by eliminating dead skin cells that no longer slough off as easily as they once did. Several face creams (Lumiere,CeraVe,Neutrogena, andRevision) have been demonstrated to minimize wrinkles and sun-induced liver spots.

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These FDA-approved lotions include retinoids, which are vitamin A-related substances that seem to increase collagen formation in the dermis and change melanin, the pigment that causes liver spots. Retinoids come in a variety of forms. For example, Tazarotene and tretinoin are two of the FDA-approved ingredients.

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Laser Treatment

Lasers may target certain pigments, such as brown for freckles andliver spotsand red for broken capillaries. They are also utilized for complete face skin resurfacing. As a result, the top layers and wrinkles from sun damage and acne scars are removed. In addition, some "nonablative" resurfacing lasers send energy past the skin's surface layer to function at a deeper level in the dermis to promote inflammation, which leads to collagen production.

Most laser treatments need time for the skin to recuperate. Depending on the type and level of the therapy, healing might take several weeks. Nonablative therapies tend to recover more quickly.

Lip Fillers

The bottom lip is intended to be 1.618 times thicker than the upper lip to fulfill the golden ratio of 1:1.618. In other words, the size of your upper lip should be one-third that of your bottom lip. Filler Lip Redefinition employs hyaluronic acid to shape the lips and make them more lush and defined. This therapy may last a year, and further treatments will extend the benefits.

Facial Yoga

Facial yogais another approach to assist your face to get firmer since it allows you to exercise your face while increasing flexibility in your facial muscles. It also helps in the stimulation of collagen under the skin's layers, the creation of skin suppleness, and the reduction of facial wrinkles.

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Skin Care

Skincare products are thought to sculpt human faces perfectly. Even though they may not have instant benefits, they help keep our skin firm in the long term. The cleansing procedure is the most crucial aspect of face maintenance. It should thoroughly clean yourskinand facial hair with washing toner or facial cleansing solutions. Furthermore, nourishing cream should be applied softly with the right-hand weight and massaged together with the muscles and facial hair. When applying a nourishing cream or cleansing your face, use your middle and ring fingers to massage rather than your whole hand.


Is it necessary to have a perfect Golden Ratio for your face to be considered attractive? Certainly not! There are numerous types of beauty, as well as numerous preferences and interpretations of what is beautiful. Having said that, humans appear hard-wired to find balance and symmetry appealing in nature.

Getting aesthetic treatments to enhance your beauty is not always a good idea. You are beautiful even with your wrinkles. However, taking care of your skin is a healthy way of living. For example, you might start your skincare routine if your skin looks dull or unattractive. Other ways to maintain your young-looking face are exercise, ahealthy diet, and sunscreens. In addition, it is important for your gorgeous-looking skin to stay hydrated. Drinking water will nourish your skin and keep that glow.

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